Behold! The iPhone X Jailbreak Has Been Achieved

iPhone X Jailbreak

If you think the great minds in the world of jailbreaking are relaxing these days, then you’d be very wrong at this point. Why? Because the iPhone X has been jailbroken!

The iPhone X Jailbreak Has Been Achieved. But Don’t Expect Something to Arrive Soon Just Yet.

Apple released iOS 11.1.1 yesterday for all compatible devices around the world. And today, Liang Chen of KeenLab managed to jailbreak the firmware. But he did not do it on any ordinary device. He did it on Apple’s brand new iPhone X. The magic happened on stage at an event called POC2017 in South Korea. Check out the demo below and see for yourself how it all unfolded.

iOS 11.1.1 jailbreak by Liang Chen from Keen Lab.

— vangelis (@vangelis_at_POC) November 10, 2017

Now, while this news is well and good, there is one problem: at this point in time, it’s very, very unlikely that the exploits used to demonstrate this jailbreak would be released to the public so everyone can indulge in the greatness that is jailbreaking. If we are to take a wild guess, the exploits might actually end up being sold to Apple itself, nothing more.

However, the good news is that the jailbreak is actually possible, that too on the latest release of iOS from Apple. This means that someone out there will definitely start digging into the firmware to see how it can be cracked and transformed into something lucrative for the jailbreaking community. But of course, that’s all optimistic speculation. Nonetheless, there have been surprises from the jailbreak community in the past, and it would be a blast for everyone if they end up seeing an iPhone X jailbreak.

If you are going to take an advice today, then take this one: update to iOS 11.1.1. Now that we know the firmware can be cracked, therefore it’s best to stick to something that will actually yield some good results.

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