Best Apple iPhone 14 Pro screen protectors in 2023

A screen protector can protect your smartphone’s display from scratches. Here are the best options available for the Apple iPhone 14 Pro.

Graphic showing iPhone 14 Pro and a screen protector besides it
The Apple iPhone 14 Pro is one of the best iPhones currently available. It packs some major screen upgrades, including Always-On display support and the all-new Dynamic Island. Nonetheless, it still is a delicate glass slab that you almost certainly will get scratched sooner or later. For this reason, a wise move would be to invest in a screen protector to keep this premium purchase fresh-looking. To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of the best iPhone 14 Pro screen protectors currently available.

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    Spigen GlasTR EZ FIT iPhone 14 Pro Screen Protector

    Editor’s Choice

    This tempered glass screen protector includes an easy installation frame, so you’re unlikely to mess up the installation process. If you do, there’s an extra one in the pack so you can try again.

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    ZAGG InvisibleShield Glass+ iPhone 14 Pro screen protector


    ZAGG makes incredible screen protectors across the board, and this option is no exception. This oil-resistant screen protector utilizes the Ion Matrix technology and comes with installation tabs and a tray to ensure a bubble-free application.

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    ESR Armorite iPhone 14 Pro Screen Protector

    Premium Pick

    This pack includes two tempered glass screen protectors with 110 pounds of impact resistance. It also includes an installation frame.

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    Torras Diamond Shield iPhone 14 Pro Screen Protector

    With Installation Frame

    This Torras screen protector utilizes aerospace‑grade glass, allowing you to protect the iPhone 14 Pro’s display from scratches and fingerprint smudges. As an added bonus, you get an easy-installation frame and a spare protector, in case you mess up the first installation attempt.

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    OuYteu iPhone 14 Pro Screen Protector


    This is the pack to consider if you also want to protect the camera lenses on the back. Your purchase will include three units in addition to two camera lens protectors.

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    QHOHQ Tempered Glass iPhone 14 Pro Screen Protector

    With Lens Protection

    This affordable pack comes with three tempered glass camera lens and screen protectors. It also includes an installation frame for accessibility.

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    ZAGG Invisible Shield Glass Elite Privacy iPhone 14 Pro Screen Protector


    If you are surrounded by prying eyes or tend to actively use your iPhone in crowded public places, this screen protector is for you. It offers an effective four-way privacy filter that works in both portrait and landscape orientations, allowing you to browse through your guilty pleasures in peace.

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    JDHDL Hydrogel Film iPhone 14 Pro Screen Protector

    Best Value

    If you aren’t a fan of tempered glass screen protectors and their added bulk, this option should be ideal. The pack includes three units, in case you don’t get the installation right on the first try. You could also give the extra units to a friend using an iPhone 14 Pro.

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    ArmorSuit iPhone 14 Pro Screen Protector


    This ultra-thin screen protector has self-repairing capabilities, allowing it to conceal certain minor scratches. The pack includes two units, too, just in case.

Buying a screen protector for your iPhone 14 Pro will help you maintain a scratch-free display. This way, when the protector gets too bruised or old, you just take it off and install a new one. Meanwhile, the actual screen would remain in a pristine condition. I’m a firm believer of it’s always better to be safe than sorry. By spending a few bucks on precautions, you could save hundreds of dollars by avoiding a display replacement. You should also consider buying a case to keep the rest of your phone pristine, along with a charger, since Apple doesn’t include one in the box.

The iPhone 14 Pro packs the 2022 A16 Bionic chip and supports the Always-On Display feature, in addition to Apple's Dynamic Island.
Apple iPhone 14 Pro
Apple iPhone 14 Pro

The iPhone 14 Pro packs the 2022 A16 Bionic chip and supports the Always-On Display feature, in addition to Apple’s Dynamic Island.