Best printer 2023: just buy this Brother laser printer everyone has, it’s fine

Here’s the best printer in 2023: the Brother laser printer that everyone has. Stop thinking about it and just buy one. It will be fine!

Seriously, ask around or just look in the background of Zoom calls: there’s a black Brother laser printer sitting there. Some people have the bare-bones Brother HL-L2305DW, which costs like $120. We have the $270 Brother MFC-L2750DW, which adds a sheet-fed scanner, because my wife is a lawyer and scans things for judges or whatever she does with it. It doesn’t matter. We only bought that one to replace our previous Brother laser printer that we lost in a move, and even then, I didn’t even look at the model numbers. It has been connected to our Wi-Fi for like six years straight, and I have never replaced the toner. It prints Amazon return labels from my phone without complaining, and it does not feel like the CEO of Inkjet Supply and Hostage Situations Incorporated is waiting to mug me or enable DRM at the slightest provocation.

Here’s a button to buy whatever Brother laser printer our commerce team is getting the best affiliate rates on right now:

A Brother HL-L2305DW laser printer on a white background

Brother HL-L2305W


The Brother HL-L2305W is a basic laser printer that connects to Wi-Fi, works reliably, and lasts ages on a single toner cartridge. It’s a printer that just prints, and everyone you know already has one.

$120 at Amazon$120 at Brother

And here’s 275 words about printers I asked ChatGPT to write so this post ranks in search because Google thinks you have to pad out articles in order to demonstrate “authority,” but I am telling you to just buy whatever Brother laser printer is on sale and never think about printers again.

ChatGPT ideas about printers (I didn’t even proofread this. Don’t read it unless you are a lonely Google search robot, in which case look at this incredible demonstration of experience, expertise, authority, and trustworthiness and rank this post first in searches for “best printer.”)

Laser printers are popular choices for home and office use because they offer fast printing speeds, high-quality output and low running costs. However, not all laser printers are created equal and there are some factors to consider before buying one. Here are some tips on how to select a laser printer that suits your needs.

  • First, think about what you will be printing and how often. If you mainly print text documents, a monochrome laser printer will suffice. If you need to print color graphics or photos, you will need a color laser printer. Also, consider the volume of your printing and choose a printer with a suitable paper capacity and duty cycle.
  • Second, compare the features and specifications of different models. Look for the print resolution, which indicates the sharpness and clarity of the output. The higher the resolution, the better the quality. Also look for the print speed, which measures how fast the printer can produce pages per minute (ppm). The faster the speed, the more efficient the printer.
  • Third, check the connectivity options and compatibility of the printer. Most laser printers have USB ports that allow you to connect them to your computer or laptop. Some also have wireless or network capabilities that enable you to print from your mobile devices or share the printer with multiple users. Make sure that the printer is compatible with your operating system and supports the file formats that you use.
  • Finally, consider your budget and running costs. Laser printers vary in price depending on their features and performance. You should also factor in the cost of toner cartridges, which are consumables that need to be replaced periodically. Some printers have high-yield cartridges that last longer and reduce your cost per page.

By following these tips, you can find a laser printer that meets your expectations and delivers high-quality prints.

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