Chrome OS now supports Netflix picture-in-picture video and prepares to add support Ambient EQ on more future devices

Chrome OS is ever-evolving and Google has taken to its blog to detail some of the newest features. The blog post outlines Ambient EQ, a feature we’ve talked about before, and Netflix picture-in-picture mode. These are two features that should improve the media consumption experience.

First, let’s talk about Ambient EQ. This is not to be confused with Ambient IQ, which is an audio feature of Google Nest speakers. Ambient EQ is all about adapting the color temperature and white balance of the display to fit your surroundings. You can see how the color is adjusted in the image above. We’ve already seen this feature on smart displays. It will be available on the recently announced Samsung Galaxy Chromebook first in April. We should expect other Chromebooks in the future to come with support for it, which will require that those devices have an RGB color temperature sensor in addition to an ambient light sensor (the two usually come in a package).

Next is a feature we’ve been expecting for quite some time. Picture-in-picture mode was discussed for Chrome OS back when Google was working on bringing Android Pie to the platform. This feature is now working with the Netflix Android app on Chrome OS. All you have to do is switch to another window to activate picture-in-picture mode automatically. Again, this is the Netflix app from the Play Store. You can do picture-in-picture with the web player by using Google’s extension.

Source: Google