ExpressVPN’s Aircove Router Adds a VPN to Your Home Network

The ExpressVPN Aircove router on a table

You use a VPN on your laptop because it’s easy. But setting up a VPN on the other devices in your home is too difficult, if not impossible. The new ExpressVPN Aircove router aims to solve this dilemma by providing a VPN for all connected devices with minimal setup.

The Aircove is an interesting product. It’s a Wi-Fi 6 router intended for homes up to 1,600 square feet, and it provides wireless speeds up to 1,200 Mbps—that’s pretty good on its own. But the addition of whole-home VPN access provides an extra level of security (or location spoofing) without much image of the ExpressVPN Aircove desktop dashboard.

an image of the ExpressVPN Aircove showing different VPN connections.

an image of the ExpressVPN Aircove "set VPN" function.

And you’re not stuck using a single VPN server for all of your devices. A “Group Devices” feature lets you split connected devices into five distinct groups, each with a unique VPN connection. If you want to access South Korean’s version of Netflix on a device, just open the ExpressVPN Router app and side that puppy into a new group.

To be clear, this is one of many routers that support VPN functionality. And you can get a similar experience by installing ExpressVPN’s firmware on a router of your choice—ExpressVPN is even reusing its Router app for Aircove! The big selling point for Aircove is that it’s ridiculously easy to set up when compared to other solutions.

The ExpressVPN Aircove router is available today at a special $170 launch price (before it reverts to the $190 MSRP). Note that this router doesn’t include an ExpressVPN membership.


ExpressVPN Aircove Router


Designed for whole-home privacy, the ExpressVPN Aircove router lets you run all of your devices through a VPN connection with minimal setup. And with five custom VPN "groups," you aren’t stuck using a single VPN location.

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