Facebook introduces new features for better interactions on Messenger, Instagram

Facebook aims to make conversations on its platform easier and better. For this, the social media giant has now introduced new features for Messenger and Instagram so that people can stay connected more than ever.

The features include new themes, stickers, and more to fun chat exchanges between people. Here’s a look at what’s in store for us.

New Facebook Messenger, Instagram features

Facebook, via a blog post, has introduced the new features. Firstly, we have got new chat themes bases on Star Wars and Netflix’s Selena: The Series. So fans, you have a reason to feel happy about. This can help you customise your chats on both Instagram DM and Facebook Messenger as per your choice.

To do so, you need to head to the chat settings on either Instagram or Facebook and tap on the Theme option to choose from Star Wars’ dark theme or Selena’s purple theme.

fbm stickers

New Facebook Messenger stickers

Facebook also aims to acquaint people with the Asian Pacific American Heritage. To celebrate their culture, the Messenger app (including the Messenger Kids) will include new stickers to support the Asian and Pacific Islanders (API) community.

There’s also a reference guide for parents to start further discussions on the topic and enlighten their kids with the API culture.

More features!

There are more features for both Instagram and Facebook Messenger. Starting with Instagram, you can send “visual” replies in DMs. This can be done by simply tapping on the camera icon in a chat to respond via a photo or video. This is currently available for iOS users and will soon reach Android users too.

instagram dm feature

Instagram Visual Reply feature

Users can now see if their messages have been read on Instagram in the DM section without the need for opening the chat window. This will be done with the help of the new “inbox seen states” feature.

On Facebook Messenger, you can now record audio messages hands-free with the help of the tap-to-record feature. Another new feature is the ability to swipe and archive chats on Messenger you don’t wish to keep the inbox clean. To access them, you can tap on your DP and then select the Archived Chats option to see the list.

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