Fire Max 11 is Amazon’s largest and most powerful tablet yet

Amazon is going big with a new 11-inch tablet.

Man using Fire Max 11 with keyboard accessory while eating oranges

Source: Amazon

Amazon’s finally taking its Fire tablet lineup to the next level with the introduction of the Fire Max 11. The Fire Max 11 not only comes with a larger display compared to previous tablets, but you’re also getting a slim and lightweight build, higher resolution screen, all backed by a powerful processor. Amazon’s also quoting 14 hours of battery life, and offering a magnetic keyboard attachment and stylus for increased productivity.

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The Fire Max 11 is powered by a 2.2Ghz octa-core processor paired with 4GB RAM, and will have 64GB and 128GB internal storage options. While Amazon doesn’t provide specifics on what kind of processor it’s using here, it does share that it’s 50 percent faster than its top end model in its current lineup. The display is a world of difference, with the tablet coming in with an 11-inch display with a resolution of 2000 x 1200 pixels.

Fire Max 11 + Made for Amazon Stylus Pen next to the tablet

Source: Amazon

As far as construction goes, the product is being touted as slim and durable, with the company going as far as to say that it’s “three times as durable as the iPad 10.9.” The tablet is rated to last 14 hours on a single charge, which means it should make it through a day with a breeze. Luckily, the tablet also includes biometric security with a fingerprint reader in the power button.

Fire Max 11 + Made for Amazon Stylus Pen and Keyboard

Source: Amazon

Those that are curious, the tablet also packs 8MP cameras on the front and rear, which should provide enough clarity and quality whether in you’re in a video call or out taking photos. With the Fire Max 11, Amazon is also rolling out a set of accessories like a magnetic keyboard and stylus, making it easier to bang out notes or even sketch a couple ideas while you’re on the go.

The Fire Max 11 is now available for preorder starting at $229.99. Amazon is also offering a bundle pack that will include the tablet, keyboard, and stylus for a discounted price of $329.99. For a limited time, Amazon’s also going to throw in a free three-month trial of Microsoft 365 Personal. This could end up being one of the best Android tablets in 2023.

Fire Max 11
Amazon Fire Max 11

The Amazon Fire Max 11 features a powerful processor, incredible display, and is priced starting at $229.99.