First Google Pixel 8 camera leak points to major upgrade

google pixel 7 pro camera app

Credit: Ryan Haines / Android Authority

  • A leaker has claimed that the Pixel 8 series could gain staggered HDR tech.
  • This feature offers higher quality HDR than currently available on the Pixel 7’s main camera.
  • This leak also suggests that the Pixel 8 could therefore gain a sensor upgrade.

Google’s phones have long offered an HDR+ photography feature as a tentpole mode, with both the Nexus and Pixel line using this multi-frame HDR solution to improve dynamic range and reduce ghosting when taking regular snaps.

Now, tipster and developer Kuba Wojciechowski has uncovered references to 2023 Pixels gaining staggered HDR support. Wojciechowski dug into the Google Camera Go app and discovered references to the feature for 2023 devices.

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