Foldable Samsung laptop with a virtual trackpad outed in a patent

Samsung’s all about those foldable phones but it looks like a foldable laptop could be part of the company’s lineup in the future.

When it comes to foldable phones Samsung is perhaps the market leader, but the idea of a foldable laptop is one that’s even more interesting. A patent appears to show that the company has been working on that concept for a couple of years – it was first registered in 2020 but was just published on November 22.

In that patent we see a laptop with one continuous screen that can be bent in half. The top half acts as a traditional laptop screen, but the bottom half could either be used as a continuation or as a separate one entirely. Notably, the screen appears to wrap around a physical keyboard, creating some sort of virtual trackpad to replace the physical one we’re so used to seeing on laptops to date.

At first blush, the whole thing looks a little like an ASUS ZenBook Pro Duo, but what makes this so different is that there is a single screen – ASUS uses two different panels that just happen to be presented one atop the other.

This isn’t the first time that we’ve heard of a company working on a foldable laptop, though. Apple was rumoured to have similar plans in early 2022, with a foldable MacBook suggested by display analyst Ross Young.

This particular patent doesn’t get into specific specifications, of course, and it’s always important to remember that patents don’t necessarily always turn into shipping products that we can buy. However, a foldable laptop does seem like the logical next step for a company that’s already honing its bendy skills in the smartphone world.

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