Free app lets you check if you can upgrade to Windows 11 better than Microsoft’s official utility

Windows 11 has some specific requirements, and it is likely that more than 2/3 of PCs are not updatable to the new operating system.

To help Windows users know if their device is supported, Microsoft released their PC Health Check utility, but that app has left much to be desired, delivering little information and guidance about how to fix any issues, and often making mistakes.

Now developer Robert Maehl on Gitguh has released an open-source app that does the job much better than Microsoft’s official solution.

WhyNotWin11 will check your eligibility against all the relevant criteria, and the app has already been updated multiple times to reflect changes in Microsoft’s messaging.


The app will help enthusiastic users detect any blocking issues, which should go a long way to fixing them also.

Find WhyNotWin11 on GitHub here.

via XDA-Dev