Garmin Forerunner 965 and Forerunner 265 debut with new vibrant AMOLED displays

Garmin’s added two new entries into its lineup with the Forerunner 965 and Forerunner 265, both featuring beautiful AMOLED displays.

Garmin Forerunner 965 and Forerunner 265 running watches in all color variants
For the longest time, Garmin has produced fitness watches that use its Chroma Display featuring Memory in Pixel (MIP) screen technology, making it one of the best smartwatches, giving its product a distinct advantage over its competitors when it comes to battery life. But, slowly, the firm has started to introduce AMOLED displays into its watches, trying to give users the best of both worlds — great battery life and vibrant color display. Now, the firm has announced two new GPS fitness watches, the Forerunner 965 and Forerunner 265.

Both the Forerunner 965 and Forerunner 265 are part of Garmin’s fitness watch lines dedicated to runners. While the new AMOLED screen is the main feature here when compared to previous models, the watch also gets small improvements here and there when it comes to software. Garmin’s packed quite a bit here, offering users daily morning reports, a race widget, suggested workouts, biometrics tracking, and more. As far as construction, a majority of the body is made from plastic, while the bezel surrounding the screen is made from metal, with the Forerunner 965 using titanium.

Of course, you can expect Garmin to offer amazing and robust health and training software like Firstbeat Analytics, Coach, Connect, and PacePro. The watches will also have advanced GPS tracking, giving users a detailed look at their running path, no matter the environment. While mainly focused on health and performance, the watch does also offer notifications from smartphones, music downloads from services like Amazon Music, Spotify and Deezer, and contactless mobile payment using Garmin Pay.

The Forerunner 265 will come in two sizes, 40mm and 44mm, and roughly offer up two weeks of battery in smartwatch mode with a single charge. The Forerunner 965 will come in just one size, 47mm, and last a little over three weeks in smartwatch mode. As far as pricing goes, the Forerunner 265 costs $449.99, while the Forerunner 965 will cost $599.99. Both devices are available for sale directly through Garmin and will be coming to other retailers in the near future.

Source: Garmin