Google may rollout new Fast Pair feature when the Galaxy S23 launches

Android 13 Fast Pair

Credit: C. Scott Brown / Android Authority

  • Google could make it easier to set up your next Android phone.
  • Lines of code hint that Google could add Android phones to the list of devices supported by Fast Pair.
  • Google may be planning to roll out support on the same day as the Galaxy S23 launch

The purpose of Android’s Fast Pair feature is to make it faster and easier to set up new devices. Right now it supports devices such as headphones and smartwatches, and will provide support for tracker tags and styluses eventually. A recent APK teardown suggests Google could be adding a new device to that list soon — Android phones.

Lines of code found during an APK teardown suggest that Google is planning to add support for Android phones, based on a report from 9To5Google. Once the ability is added to Fast Pair, it would essentially take the pain out of setting up a new phone.

Something to keep in mind is that an APK teardown is the decompiling of files within a version of an app. In this case, it’s the latest version of the Google Play Store. While the lines of code found within the files may contain data about future features, the interpretation of that data may not be perfect and there’s no guarantee that these will ever make it into the public’s hands.

According to 9To5Google‘s findings, the feature may allow your device to detect a nearby Android phone that hasn’t been set up yet. Similar to how it works with setting up a device using a QR code, Fast Pair would help you install the app you need to move your information over to the new handset.

The outlet says that it has seen evidence that suggests Google plans to roll out support during Samsung’s Galaxy S23 launch. This would be perfect timing for those looking to upgrade from their phone to the S23.

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