Google Pixel 7 series camera bug refuses to save photos taken in certain situation

It looks like Google Pixel 7 series handsets are running into a bit of an issue when it comes to shooting zoom photos in low light.

Google Pixel 7 camera bar

The Google Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro are considered by many to be some of the best Android smartphones out right now. While they might not be the most cutting edge when it comes to design, the Pixel series has a look all its own, and also receives timely software updates ahead of other manufacturers. Furthermore, you get access to software tools that aren’t simply available from anyone else. But, things aren’t always perfect with Pixel devices, and it looks like the Pixel 7 series models are now experiencing issues when it comes to saving photos under certain shooting conditions.

Apparently, the issue occurs when a user tries to take a photo using the periscope zoom lens in a low light situation with the flash on. You’ll be able to take the photo, but it won’t actually save to your gallery. While users on Reddit were able to replicate the issue, so were those on the Android Police team. The news outlet was able to test out the issue across multiple Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro devices, with one of the devices running Android 13 QPR2 and another that was running Android 14 DP2. Now, while this is interesting in itself, one thing that all the devices had in common was that they were all running Google Camera version

We’ve reached out to Google to get some clarification on this issue, but one thing that one user found on Reddit while using Logcat was that there seemed to be errors that would pop up with regard to the cameras HDR software. As to when this problem might be fixed, we don’t know, but again, we have reached out to Google to get some answers. Despite this, the Pixel 7 series is still a great phone, offering excellent imaging, a smooth Android experience and access to the latest updates. You can even get a bit more adventurous with handsets if you’d like installing the new Developer Preview for Android 14.

Source: Reddit

Via: Android Police