‘Hidden Depths’ DLC is now available on all Minecraft Dungeons platforms

The latest Minecraft Dungeons DLC is officially here, and it’s a bit wet.

What you need to know

  • Minecraft Dungeons is an action-RPG from Mojang Studios, which receives regular updates and content expansions.
  • The fifth DLC for Minecraft Dungeons, ‘Hidden Depths,’ is now available to all players either as a standalone purchase or through the Season Pass.
  • ‘Hidden Depths’ includes a ton of new content like three gorgeous levels, tons of new gear and mobs to fight, and much more.
  • There’s also a free update with a new “Raid Captains” feature and the Anniversary Event to celebrate one year of Minecraft Dungeons.

If you’ve been enjoying everything that Minecraft Dungeons has to offer, today will be a good day. Mojang Studios is officially releasing the Minecraft Dungeons Hidden Depths DLC today, which adds a wide range of additional content for players to enjoy in this co-op focused action-RPG adventure. The Hidden Depths DLC for Minecraft Dungeons is the fifth premium expansion for Mojang Studios’ Minecraft spin-off, and is now available for Minecraft Dungeons on Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One, PC, PS5, PS4, and Switch.

Hidden Depths includes three new levels that take place underwater, creating vibrant and gorgeous environments for players to explore. Going underwater also presents unique challenges, like changes to dashing and arrow physics, oxygen levels, and more. On top of that, players will also have to overcome hordes of new mob types, including guardians, drowned, and additional variants of existing mobs like sunken skeletons. Players won’t do this for naught, as Mojang Studios has added a bunch of powerful gear to discover and experiment with.

Players can pick up the Hidden Depths DLC for Minecraft Dungeons by itself, or you can get the Minecraft Dungeons Season Pass and obtain the Hidden Depths DLC on top of Howling Peaks and Flames of the Nether. Either way, you’ll get the adorable baby turtle cosmetic pet!

There’s something here for everyone, though. Minecraft Dungeons is also rolling out a completely free update alongside Hidden Depths, which will add new enchantments, balancing changes and bug fixes, and an all-new feature with Raid Captains! These powerful mobs are scattered all over the Minecraft Dungeons world, and defeating them will make everything on that level more powerful. If you succeed, however, you’ll earn super powerful loot.

Finally, the Minecraft Dungeons Anniversary Event kicks off today, with numerous challenges and Seasonal Trials for players. Emerging victorious from these trials lets you earn exclusive gear, including new armor, melee weapon, bow, and cosmetic cape, all celebrating one year of Minecraft Dungeons.

Minecraft Dungeons and the free update for Hidden Depths is including in Xbox Game Pass for Xbox, PC, and Xbox Cloud Gaming. If you want the full Hidden Depths experience, though, pick up the premium DLC or the Minecraft Dungeons Season Pass. You can also play with a friend that owns Hidden Depths to gain access to all of their content.

In case you’ve been hesitating to try out Minecraft Dungeons, know that it’s one of our favorites and among the best Xbox games around.

Dive into Dungeons

Minecraft Dungeons — Hidden Depths DLC

$6 at Microsoft (Xbox)
$6 at Microsoft (PC)

Beautiful and dangerous.

Minecraft Dungeons is already on its fifth DLC expansion with Hidden Depths, which includes a host of brand-new content and areas for players to explore. Hidden Depths is among the most beautiful Minecraft Dungeons expansions to date, with plenty of reasons for players to participate. Buy it solo or get it included with the Minecraft Dungeons Season Pass.

The next era of Dungeons

Minecraft Dungeons Season Pass

$20 at Microsoft (Xbox)
$20 at Microsoft (Windows)
$20 at Amazon (Switch)

Explore new worlds in Minecraft Dungeons.

It’s been a busy first year for Minecraft Dungeons, and now the ARPG dungeon-crawling Minecraft spin-off is looking ahead towards its future, with four new expansions planned. The first three expansions, Howling Peaks, Flames of the Nether, and Hidden Depths are now available, and players can pick up the Season Pass to gain access to the fourth as soon as it launches.

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