How to Control Alt Delete on Mac

If you grew up on Windows machines, you probably know to use the keyboard shortcut Control-Alt-Delete to open up your task manager and rid yourself of unnecessary or power-hungry programmes.

What’s the equivalent on a Mac, though? Does Apple have a version you can use? We’ve got the answers right here.

How to control alt delete on Mac

Thankfully, opening up a menu that lets you force quit applications is pretty easy on Mac, although that isn’t the exact same thing as the command on Windows.

To open this, just hit the following keys on your keyboard: Command, Option and Escape.

This will show you a list of running programmes, letting you quit any of them if you weren’t expecting them to be working, or if they’re hogging more power than you want or even overheating your laptop or computer.

That’s the closest thing that MacOS has to a Control-Alt-Delete command, but if you want even more options you can of course hit the Apple button at the top left of your display, which offers up a list of quick options and settings that you can access, some of which are familiar compared to the equivalent on Windows.

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