How to debloat Windows 11

Windows computers notoriously come with too much junk. To get Windows running at peak performance, you should eliminate unnecessary programs

Laptop running Windows

Source: Pixabay

When you buy a new desktop PC or excellent laptop, it always includes completely useless pre-installed manufacturer software and bloatware. Even new PC builds with fresh Windows installations quickly get inundated with junk that nobody needs. Getting rid of needless software is an arduous, time-consuming task. Even worse, there are countless applications available that promise to debloat Windows, but they often contain their own bloatware. Thankfully, there is a much easier way to debloat Windows, thanks to JunkCtrl.

How to use JunkCtrl to debloat Windows 11

The easiest way to debloat Windows 11 is with a custom tool created specifically to remove all the non-essential processes tied to the operating system. JunkCtrl is a popular tool that you can download for free on GitHub that lets you quickly select and remove any process or application that is not vital to running Windows 11.

  1. Download JunkCtrl from GitHub.
  2. Unzip JunkCtrl and run it.
    Unzip Junk Ctrl folder in Windows 11
  3. Select the box next to an item you want to search for, such as HP Bloatware.
    Select items to remove in Junk Ctrl
  4. Click New search to locate the bloatware.
    Start new search in Junk Ctrl
  5. Check the boxes of each item that you want to remove.
    Select items to uninstall in Junk Ctrl
  6. Choose Add everything selected to bin.
    Add items to recycle bin in Junk Ctrl
  7. Select Uninstall, followed by Yes to confirm the applications to remove.
    Junk Ctrl uninstall bloatware

How to install Windows 11 without bloatware

Here’s a secret: you can install Windows 11 without all the bloatware. Obviously, this is the best option if you’re building a new computer and not if you just want to get rid of unnecessary applications. Nonetheless, this recently discovered trick is just as easy as changing the time and currency format. First, you need to download Windows 11 Installation Media through Microsoft and put it on a flash drive. Then, follow the steps below:

  1. Begin Windows 11 installation from a flash drive.
  2. Select Custom: Install Windows Only if given the option. This will ensure everything currently on your PC is removed.
    Screenshot of Windows 11 Setup with the option to install Windows 11 only highlighted in a red box
  3. When selecting a Time and currency format, do not select your actual region. Instead, choose English (World) from the dropdown menu. The other information you can change as needed before clicking Next.
    Windows 11 Installer change time and currency
  4. Wait for Windows 11 to finish installing.
  5. When complete, go to Settings > Time & Language > Region.
    Windows 11 settings menu with time and language circled
  6. Click the dropdown box next to Country or region and select your locale.
    Windows 11 settings menu set country or region
  7. Exit the Settings menu and start using Windows.

Avoiding bloatware in Windows 11

Eliminating bloatware should be the first thing you do after purchasing a new computer. But that is just the first step. You can avoid a debloat in the future by preventing junk software from being installed. Unfortunately, it can be pretty difficult since many unnecessary programs are tied to other software installations. For instance, installing Microsoft Office also means adding a bunch of programs and tools that you will never need. That may not sound like a big deal, but it can quickly overwhelm your storage space, and processes running in the background can eat away at your RAM and CPU usage. Don’t forget that you can quickly remove applications from the Settings menu by uninstalling them.