How to disable the ‘Sent from my iPhone’ signature in Mail

By default, the Mail app on iOS includes a “Sent from my iPhone” signature in every email. Here’s how to change it.

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Despite newer iPhones being some of the best smartphones currently available, they have their own annoyances. If you recently set up an iPhone 14 Pro Max or an older model, you might’ve noticed that the default Mail app includes a “Sent from my iPhone” signature in every email you send. For many people, this makes emails less formal sounding, which can be problematic in certain situations.

While you can just use another app or delete that sentence from each email before sending, this isn’t necessary, especially because there’s a permanent solution that spares you the need to manually delete or tweak the signature every time. Follow the steps below to change or disable the “Sent from my iPhone” signature on iOS 16 and earlier versions.

  1. Launch the Settings app on your iPhone.
  2. Scroll down, and tap on Mail.
  3. Again, scroll down, and tap on Signature.
  4. Delete Sent from my iPhone and optionally type the new signature you would like to include in every email you send.

Now going forward, your emails won’t market Apple’s phone at the bottom of your message.

Fortunately, it’s not hard to disable or pick a new signature for the Mail app on iOS. If you have one of the excellent iPads, then the steps to follow on iPadOS 16 are identical. Nonetheless, I believe that Apple shouldn’t enable this signature by default. Once upon a time, it may have contributed to marketing iDevices when they weren’t as popular. However, now things have changed, and pretty much every person has heard of iPhones and iPads. Either let people set their own signature when they set up their account or disable the default option entirely.

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