How To Enable and Use Fetch Files Feature in OneDrive to Access All Your Files Remotely

Not sure if you already knew this. OneDrive has a built-in feature called Fetch Files that, once enabled, lets you access all your files on a PC that has OneDrive app installed and running from OneDrive website. That even includes the network location if they are part of the libraries or mapped as a network drive. It could be a very useful and convenient way to access all your data while you are on the road.

Enable Fetch Files

Right-click OneDrive icon from the notification area (You might need to click the little up arrow button to find it), and choose Settings.

Then check the option “Let me use OneDrive to fetch any of my files on this PC” in Settings tab and click OK.

Now you need to restart OneDrive app to have the new setting settled in. Right-click the OneDrive icon again and choose Exit to close the app, and relaunch it by typing “OneDrive” in the search box in the Start menu and click “Microsoft OneDrive.”

How to access my files

Head over to OneDrive website. Click PCs tab once you signed in to get the list of PCs linked to your OneDrive account.

Then click the PC on which you just enabled the Fetch Files feature. You will then need to verify the access by clicking “Sign in with a security code” and following the instruction on the screen.

By default, it sends the security code to Microsoft Account app, aka Microsoft Authenticator, but if you don’t have the app installed on your smartphone, you can still choose a different method to authenticate, such as a text message sent to your phone.

Once authenticated, you now have access to all the files on that PC. For example, here is the list of files and folders on my desktop on a PC that I enabled Fetch Files feature.