How to find a lost Apple Pencil using your iPad (1st and 2nd gen)

The Apple Pencil is an excellent companion for the iPad Pro, and an artist/creator’s true friend. However, it’s also very easy to lose due to its size. Apple announced the Pencil alongside the first iPad Pro, making it easy for users to take notes, draw, and create.

The company included a feature on the Pencil that allowed it to be magnetically attached to an iPad Air, or iPad Pro. Despite this, several users have lost their Apple Pencil. In this post, you will learn to find a lost Apple Pencil using your iPad, and also via a simple Bluetooth tracking app. This tutorial is applicable for the 1st and 2nd generation Apple Pencil only.

How to find a lost Apple Pencil

There are a couple of ways you can find a lost Apple Pencil, but you’ll need to keep certain things in mind before going on the search. First, you must make sure not to turn off the Bluetooth on your iPad or the last connected device. If you do, then the Apple Pencil may disconnect and go into power saver mode.

  1. Launch Settings app on your iOS device and head over to Bluetooth. You may also open the Control Center to go in to the Bluetooth settings.
  2. Walk around the area where you think you last used the Apple Pencil.
  3. If the Pencil is still connected to your device, it should show up on the Bluetooth list when you’re nearby.
  4. The Apple Pencil has a range of 10 to 15-feet, which will make it easy for you to search.

This is the easiest way to find your lost Apple Pencil, but you do need to look around the area where it appeared on the Bluetooth list. It’s probably under the pillow, table, couch, behind the cushions, etc. You cannot use this method if the Bluetooth was turned off before you set out to look for the Pencil.

Another way to find a lost Apple Pencil is by using a Bluetooth tracker app. We’re going to use the app called Wunderfind. Here’s how to use the app and locate a lost Pencil. Again, make sure you’ve not turned off the Bluetooth on your connected device.

  1. First, download the free Wunderfind app from the App Store.
  2. Launch the app. You will see a list of connected devices within range.
  3. Move around till you see the Apple Pencil in range. The app will then show you how far you approximately are from the Pencil.
  4. You can try out the Pro version, which comes with a Map to show more precise location.

This app is great, and you can use the free version to locate the stylus. However, if the Apple Pencil has run out of charge, then you won’t be able to find it. We recommend that you try out both the methods explained above, as both work.

Wrapping up

The Apple Pencil is an excellent wireless stylus for anyone with an iPad Pro or even an iPad Air. It is easy to lose, but if you’re lucky, you can use the above methods to find it with ease. You may also want to get a nice case for your iPad Pro that comes with a slot to securely hold the Pencil. This way, you’ll never lose it.

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