How to Print Google Slides With Notes

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To print your Google Slides presentation with speaker notes, launch your presentation, select File > Print Preview, click “1 Slide Without Notes,” change the option to “1 Slide With Notes,” and select “Print.” You can then print or save your slideshow as a PDF.

Do you want to practice your presentation offline? Or maybe you need to share your presentation notes with your audience? Either way, Google Slides lets you print your presentations with your speaker notes included. We’ll show you how to do that or simply save it as a sharable PDF file.

Print a Google Slides Presentation With Speaker Notes

When you print your presentation with notes included, Slides prints one slide on each page with your notes.

To do that, first, open your preferred web browser and access Google Slides. Sign in to your account on the site, then launch your presentation.

On your presentation screen, in Google Slides’ menu bar, select File > Print Preview.

You’ll see your presentation’s print preview. On this page, in the toolbar at the top, click “1 Slide Without Notes” and choose “1 Slide With Notes.”

Select "1 Slide With Notes."

Slides will refresh your print preview, allowing you to see the new preview that includes your speaker notes. If you’re happy with how it looks, then in the toolbar at the top, click “Print.”

Choose "Print" at the top.

Your web browser’s standard print window will launch. Here, select your printer and other options like what pages to print, the number of copies to print, and so on.

If you’d like to save your presentation as a PDF to attach in an email or print using a different device, then in the printer menu, choose your PDF printer. In Google Chrome, this printer is labeled as “Save as PDF.”

Then, at the bottom of the print window, click “Print” to begin printing your presentation (you’ll click “Save” if you’ve chosen to save your slides in a PDF file).

Configure print options and select "Print" at the bottom.

And that’s it. You now have a physical (or PDF) copy of your presentation with your speaker notes included. Take a look at other useful Google Slides features to make the most of this free service.

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