How to remove Apple Watch bands

Apple has a handy way to remove your bands – figure it out right here.

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Apple made a very smart play right from the early days of putting Apple Watches out into the world – it designed its own bands and a totally new way to swap them in and out.

It’s pretty easy to slide new bands into place, but if you’ve never changed your Apple Watch band before, you might wonder how to actually get a band off your watch. Here’s a quick guide to getting it done.

How to remove Apple Watch bands

Removing Apple Watch bands is thankfully the exact same process across the entire range of Apple Watch models, regardless of which one you’re wearing.

Just follow the steps below to get your band removed:

  1. Take off your Apple Watch and place it face-down on a clean surface
  2. On the back of the Apple Watch’s body, click and hold the pill-shaped band release button near where the band connects to the Apple Watch
  3. Slide the band out of the connection in either direction
  4. Repeat the process for the other side of the Apple Watch

Once you’ve removed the existing band, you can replace it with whatever you prefer, by simply sliding the new option into place (there’s no need to hold the release button for this part).

Sometimes (especially if you haven’t removed your band in a long time) you might find the band is very resistant to being removed, in which case you should just be patient and firm, and ensure that you’re pressing the band release button all the way down. It can be slightly fiddly since it’s a small button, but it’s still easier than most watch band removal processes we can think of!

Apple Watch Sport Loop Band


Apple Watch Sport Loop Band

One of the most comfortable bands out there, this is a great option if you’re looking to replace your Apple Watch strap!

If you’re trying to follow the steps above, but can’t quite figure out what the band release button looks like, meanwhile, check out the image below which should help.

Apple Watch band release


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