How to secretly check WhatsApp status of your contacts

Over the years WhatsApp has introduced several new features with the aim to offer an enhanced messaging experience to users. One of the features is Status, which disappears within 24 hours of uploading it. By now you will know that if you watch your contact’s status they will get to know. But, what if you don’t want that? Well, if that’s also possible. That’s exactly what we are going to discuss here.

It should be noted that this is no trick and WhatsApp offers a dedicated option that will enable you to secretly check the WhatsApp status of your contacts. The process is simple and can be enabled with just a few steps. To ensure that your contact doesn’t know that you are viewing their status all you need to do is change some settings. Follow the steps below.

How to check WhatsApp status secretly

STEP 1: First head over to the WhatsApp app on your phone.

STEP 2: Then go ahead and open the Settings menu.

STEP 3: Scroll down to the privacy setting

STEP 4: You will be able to see many options there, just disable the Read receipts option present at the bottom of the screen.

It should be noted that the option is available for both iOS as well as Android users.

After enabling it, your contact will not be able to know whether or not you checked their WhatsApp Status. To recollect, the Facebook-owned messaging platform introduced WhatsApp Status just a few years ago, inspired by Instagram’s status. The status feature wasn’t well received by users initially but they are now used to the feature and are using it regularly.

WhatsApp is used by millions of users around the world and is one of the most popular messaging platforms in India. The platform played a vital role amid the pandemic as it helped users connect with their loved ones and friends across the globe.

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