How To Send Large Files Online Free 10gb And 20gb

How to transfer large data files online? Here are some websites offering best free ways to transfer large files online. With these websites transfer heavy files online free or transfer large video files online. You can easily send large files free 20gb or 10gb.

1. We Transfer

With a free wetransfer account users can send files up to 2 GB with no need to verify transfers. Whereas with a pro account, users can send really big files regularly – send and receive up to 200 GB – with 1 TB storage per person. And with a premium account, users can send files with no limits – no size limit on transfers with unlimited storage.

2. Transfer Now

TransferNow is a simple and free way to safely share your data. It enables secure file transfer via email, or shareable links.

Users can send and share files and other large documents thanks to our fast and secure file transfer solution. Users can send large files up to 100 GB per transfer. With TransferNow account, transfer large files and other sizable documents! The files are available up to 365 days before being automatically and permanently erased from our servers.

You can also protect your transfers with password.

3. JUMBOmail

JUMBOmail allows you to send and share XL files up to 20GB easily and securely.

JUMBOmail is an ideal service for sending long videos, heavy-size image files, or sharing large files of any kind with other users.

It only takes a few clicks to send your photos, videos, music, documents, or any type of BIG files you will choose to send.

Just select the files or folder you wish to share and we will do the heavy lifting quickly and efficiently. Neither you nor your recipients need to have a JUMBOmail account.

4. Send Big

SendBig allows you to transfer large files for free without registration – share large files up to 30GB for free. Send big files to one or more contacts, or generate a link so you can easily share it on website or blog and on social media.

Using SendBig is totally Free !, whereas the Free PRO version offers 30GB of total file upload and for the normal version, 5GB are available for Free.


  1. End-to-end encryption, protect your files with password only know to you
  2. Email notification when download occurs
  3. Set the maximum number of downloads per file
  4. Decide when transfers expire, up to 3 years
  5. Resend, forward or delete your uploaded files
  6. Enjoy a Free 30GB per transfer
  7. We offer fast download and upload speeds
  8. Resumable Upload and Download even after shutting down the pc
  9. Defer sending time of your upload files, up to 3 days
  10. Unlimited number of uploads and downloads

5. My Air Bridge

With, you can quickly, reliably, and securely send or share your data around the world. The service is free for individual transfers up to 20 GB in size.

Because MyAirBridge is a cross-platform app, you can create a direct transfer from the data saved in your storage and set up a custom expiration date for it. You can also protect the transfer with a password for extra security.

You can send transfers of up to 100 GB, either directly to a user through the application with email notification (“send data using mail”) or by simply creating a link to the data and sending that link to the recipient any way you choose (“send data using link”). These transfers will expire based on your plan.

Don’t wait to transfer large files. Just use any of these online services to send you large files.

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