How to stop Photos from surfacing memories of exes and deceased people on iOS and iPadOS

Nobody needs to see that.

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Let’s face it; probably most of us have photos of people we don’t necessarily like to see frequently. While we could technically crop or delete these photos, some of us prefer retaining these moments, as they’ve shaped us into who we’ve become today. This could become problematic, though, when iOS 16 surfaces these shots in the For You tab, where Memories and Featured Photos are displayed automatically. Fortunately, you can stop exes and deceased people from appearing in this section of the app, whether you have an iPhone 14 Pro Max or another iPhone model. All you have to do is follow the steps we’ve listed below.



Stopping Photos from surfacing certain people on an iPhone or iPad

  1. Launch the Photos app on your iDevice.
  2. Head to the For You tab.
  3. Tap on the 3-dot menu of a Memory displaying the targeted person.
  4. Click on Feature Less.
  5. Choose the person you would like to feature less, then tap Next.
  6. Tap on Never Feature This Person, and hit the Confirm button.
  7. Going forward, the Photos app won’t show memories or featured moments that include this person.

Being able to stop certain people from surfacing in the personalized tab of the Photos app can help us retain our peace. Though, keep in mind that Photos doesn’t always detect faces correctly. So if the targeted person’s face isn’t identified in a certain shot, it could still appear in the For You tab until you label it.

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