How to use Firefox Color to create Firefox Themes


Mozilla’s Firefox is undoubtedly one of the robust browser available today which is aimed at trying out new ideas and experiments. Mozilla’s gusto and keenness to improve performance and implementing new features in Firefox without disrupting user experience make it one of the best browser available till today.

In recent years, Mozilla is channeling its research and development process through Test pilot programs to carry out new experiments which involve a transparent process that would allow users to share their ideas for Firefox. Mozilla’s test pilot is an opt-in platform that lets a user choose an experiment to test, try out some new features and product concepts, and share feedback for Firefox before bringing them to live on the browser.

Recently, Firefox has been testing quite a number of experimental extensions which gives users more customization options. Themes are the important part of Firefox that would determine your browsers’ visual appearance. The organization recently launched Firefox Color experiment for test pilot that would allow you to create your own Firefox themes and share your creations with others or save them for yourself.

The new experiment is designed to give users more control over the visual appearance of Firefox. Moreover, the Firefox color allows you to create a custom theme and change color for every UI element of the browser. The Firefox color is a simple tool that lets you pick background textures and unique color combinations for creating your own Firefox theme. The new feature gives full flexibility to customize browser theme in a way you want with just a few clicks. In this article, we explain how to use Firefox Color to create your very own unique firefox browser theme.

Create Firefox Themes with Firefox Color

To enable the experimental feature, go to the Firefox Color page here. To install the Firefox Color, Click on Install Test Pilot and Enable Color button.

Click on Allow access in the prompt box to enable the color. Once installed, the color is enabled automatically, and a paintbrush icon gets added beside the URL bar.

Click on Paintbrush icon next to the URL page to navigate to the Firefox Color Configuration page.


To change the color theme for Firefox, go to Control panel and click on Color Swatch.

Pick any color from the color spectrum for your UI element. You can pick different colors for your toolbar icons, search bar, background tab and also select colors for your theme texture.


Once the color is chosen for each UI element, click on the Save button.


Additionally, you can select the preset theme for your Firefox.


To share your Firefox theme with others, copy the URL from the configuration page and send the link via email or message. This way it will be easy for others to view your themes and install the same.


If you want to reset to the default theme, you can easily disable color in the configuration page.

How do you like enjoying Firefox Color?

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