HP blocks third-party ink with new firmware update

HP’s at it again, this time, blocking third-party inks for its printers that are not approved for use by the company.

woman with HP printer

It didn’t take long, but after one HP customer chimed in about a new firmware update that locks out third-party ink, thousands showed up and responded. HP’s Dynamic Security feature has caused problems for customers in the past, but it’s back once again, this time, effectively putting an end to users using non-authorized third-party inks in its printers.

While the issue was first reported on Reddit, with Ars Technica doing a deep dive into the problem, reaching out to HP for comment. The company wasn’t coy about the situation, issuing a statement to the news outlet that explained the situation.

Dynamic security equipped printers are intended to work only with cartridges that have new or reused HP chips or electronic circuitry. The printers use the dynamic security measures to block cartridges using non-HP chips or modified or non-HP electronic circuitry. Reused, remanufactured, and refilled cartridges that reuse the HP chip or electronic circuitry are unaffected by dynamic security.

While printers used to display a warning that a non-genuine or non-authorized ink cartridge was being used. After the latest firmware update, those same printers will no longer accept third-party inks, flat out rejecting them, stating that use of such a product is now blocked. You can see the exact message in the image below.


printer error message for HP
image via u/grhhull

At this point, there isn’t a way to fix this issue, so if you’ve updated your newer HP printer with the latest firmware, there’s chance that your printer will no longer accept inks from third-parties. And unfortunately, there isn’t a way to pinpoint which printers have received the update. Perhaps some users will find solace in knowing that HP printers that were manufactured before December 2016 should be able to avoid these kinds of issues.

While it’s great if you have one, it’s a completely different issue if you’re looking for a new printer to purchase. Of course, in this situation, it’s probably a better idea to buy a printer from a company that doesn’t lock out its printer to third-party inks.

Source: Reddit

Via: Ars Technica