HTC’s next standalone VR headset leaks

HTC has been busy teasing a new VR headset on Twitter for a while, but now we might have more information in the form of a leak.

Back in October 2022, the company teased a bit of the new device with the tagline “Go small or go home” then they showed another tiny bit of the headset but didn’t give us any further information.

Now it appears that some of the design and specs of the new VR headset have leaked via YouTuber Brad Lynch (aka SadlyItsBradley).

According to Lynch, these leaks come from sources in the supply chain and though there’s no official name for the new headset, there are some interesting features that have leaked.

Firstly this future HTC headset seemingly boasts a similar form-factor design that the HTC Vive Flow had but it also has standalone VR capabilities similar to the Vive Focus 3.

In the video, the YouTuber talks about the headset and shows renders based on images of the new headset which had to be obscured in order to protect the source.

The headset itself looks very similar to the Flow but is said to have four tracking cameras as well as another one for passthrough views. It’s also a 6DoF (six degrees of freedom) headset with standalone VR capabilities. So perhaps closer to a Quest 2 competitor than HTC’s previous efforts.

Interestingly the new headset uses the same controllers as the Vive Focus 3 but is clearly different in a number of ways.

The so-called “Flowcus” (Bradley’s naming not HTC’s) has pancake lenses to help with the slimline and lightweight design as well as dual 1,920×1,920 pixel displays with 120Hz refresh rate.

Most interestingly, this latest from HTC is said to be modular (much like the HTC Vive Cosmos) meaning not only will you be able to attach modules (like eye trackers) but also convert it to “glasses mode” for casual viewing. There’s also the potential for this headset to use the Snapdragon XR2 Gen. 2 processor, though we’ll have to wait for the official word on it.

We’re hoping for good things but will have to wait for official updates from HTC.

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