iPhone 14 Pro is very difficult to repair in unofficial workshops

Apple has made design changes to the regular iPhone 14, greatly simplifying the disassembly and repair of the device, but the “program” did not get such a useful innovation. Moreover, the manufacturer has made it even more difficult to repair at home and unauthorized service centers.

Apple iPhone 14Apple iPhone 14iPhone 14 disassembly photo from iFixit

The new iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max use two ambient light sensors to control display brightness. They are also responsible for the correct operation of the Always on Display function, which has become an exclusive feature of the new firmware. But it turned out that this imposes additional restrictions during the repair, since when using a non-original display, both sensors stop working.

The new AoD feature uses lighting data to adjust brightness. So, in your pocket or at night, this option turns off the screen completely to save energy. According to service center employees, without these sensors, the display will be just black. It will be possible to turn it on only manually by setting the brightness level to the one that was before the repair. Therefore, the auto-brightness function will also be unavailable.

It is worth noting that when installing a non-original screen, other problems arise, such as a non-working Face ID facial recognition system, True Tone automatic temperature control, etc. Therefore, repairs should only be carried out using original components and only at an authorized service center where specialists can register a new part in the system.

Source: 4PDA