IZI Go-X Gimbal Review: Beginners Ticket to Cinematic Smartphone Videography

In today’s world, smartphones have become our constant companions for capturing life’s memorable moments. However, creating professional-looking videos can be daunting, especially for those who use smartphones for their vlogs, short films, and reels.

IZI Go-X Gimbal Review design

That’s where the IZI Go-X Gimbal comes in. Priced at Rs 6499, this Gimbal is packed with advanced features that promise to take your videography to new heights. But does it deliver on its claims? Let’s find out in our review of the IZI Go-X.

Design and Portability

The IZI Go-X Gimbal is a compact and stylish device that can be easily noticed. It is foldable, making it easy to carry in your pocket or bag and always ready to be used. The Gimbal has a sturdy tripod that provides stability and allows for hands-free operation on flat surfaces.

IZI Go-X Gimbal Review tripod

The IZI Go-X Gimbal is equipped with an LED fill light that can be handy in low-light conditions shooting. There is a joystick for more precise control of the gimbal movement, just below the OLED display, which provides at-a-glance information on battery levels and gimbal modes. Additionally, it supports wireless charging capabilities, allowing you to power up your smartphone on the go.

IZI Go-X Gimbal Review

The Gimbal also has an ergonomically placed focus wheel that enables the focusing of the smartphone camera. It also has a tele and wide slider, a power on/off button and a recording button.

IZI Go-X Gimbal Review led light

Intelligent Features for Effortless Shooting

Beyond its intuitive design, the IZI Go-X Gimbal boasts a range of functionalities geared towards delivering cinematic excellence, which can be accessed via the IZI app.

The Gimbal comes with AI Smart Tracking that automatically follows subjects or faces, ensuring they stay in focus even in dynamic scenes. Additionally, the Gimbal has Gesture Control that allows you to trigger the shutter or start/stop recording with simple hand movements.

IZI Go-X Gimbal Review modes

Lastly, the Shot Guide feature offers valuable tips and suggestions for creating professional-looking videos across different genres and scenarios, which can help inspire users to create stunning videos.

IZI Go-X Gimbal Review app

User Experience

The physical buttons on the IZI Go-X Gimbal are easy to use and understand, but it may take some time to get used to them for smooth operation, especially the focus, tele, and wide slider. On the App front, the company has loaded it with many features and guides, such as Face Track, Trajectory Delay, Long Exposure, Time Lapse, Slow Motion, Panorama, Hitchcock, Shot Guide Moves, and Expert Mode. One can also adjust the focus speed in footage and control zoom.

IZI Go-X Gimbal Review features

However, mastering different modes will take time, especially if you’re using the Gimbal for the first time. Also, the user interface, though completely loaded, needs some fine-tuning to improve usability and ease of operation. Maybe a software update can take care of it.

While using the Gimbal, we noticed some minor issues with the zoom button, where zooming skipped a few frames in some shots. Overall, we were satisfied with the product’s quality, and its feature set remains high.

Long-lasting Performance

With a rechargeable 3200mAh battery, you can enjoy up to 7 hours of uninterrupted use. However, the wireless charging feature was slow.

IZI Go-X Gimbal Review battery