JSAUX Steam Deck transparent front shell replacement gets teased ahead of release

This is going to take your Steam Deck to another level.

JSAUX Steam Deck transparent front shell replacement in clear, smoke, and purple

Source: overkill.wtf

JSAUX has been keeping pretty busy producing a variety of different accessories for the Steam Deck. But perhaps its most well-known and stand-out product when it comes to customization is the transparent Steam Deck backplates that now come in a variety of different colors. While having a transparent backplate is great, having a fully transparent casing is what will get most people’s engines really revving. Thankfully, it looks like JSAUX is prepping to release a transparent front shell replacement for the Steam Deck sometime in the future and has even given us a glimpse of what’s coming.

JSAUX Steam Deck transparent front shell replacement kit with various tools and packaging shown.

Source: JSAUX

The news comes from JSAUX’s own subreddit, where it teased an image of a new Steam Deck product that the company claims “will make your Steam Deck even cooler.” While the product isn’t in the teaser image, we get to see a kit that looks like it has a lot of parts and tools. If that wasn’t enough, we get an exclusive image from the overkill.wtf website that shows off the upcoming transparent front shell replacement for the Steam Deck in three colors. For the most part, this thing looks incredible, and it will easily become one of the best Steam Deck accessories released this year.

But it looks like JSAUX won’t be alone in offering transparent shell replacements, as eXtremeRate has also shared its offering with the publication as well. While this is definitely going to be a great mod for the Steam Deck, it’s not going to be an easy swap like the replacement back panel. As noted by overkill.wtf, this front replacement shell will require a little more time and patience when it comes to installation, with the iFixit website giving an estimate of about three to five hours for the job. If you’ve never looked over what it takes, now might be a good time to get yourself prepared for the process.

Luckily, you’ll have some time to contemplate whether the effort for replacement will be worth it, as JSAUX has not revealed when this unit will come out or how much it will cost.