KB4566782 might cause issues with Excel on Windows 10 v2004

For the 9th time this year, Microsoft released its monthly cumulative updates for Windows 10.

These updates are called the August Patch Tuesday updates, and they greatly enrich each major version of the OS, from Windows 10 v1507 to Windows 10 v2004.

However, a handful of cumulative updates have stood out among the others, either to do a special change that they bring that others don’t or because of an unforeseen error.

That’s precisely the case with the cumulative update for WIndows 10 v2004, also known as KB4566782.

KB4566782 may affect Excel for Asian users

Despite being released at the end of May, Windows 10 v2004 has already received 5 different cumulative updates. This is arguably understandable since it is the version with the newest features, and therefore the version most prone to unexpected bugs.

Such is the case with the latest issue detected after installing the latest Windows 10 v2004 cumulative updates which, according to Microsoft:

When using some apps, such as Microsoft Excel, users of the Microsoft Input Method Editor (IME) for Chinese and Japanese might receive an error, or the app might stop responding or close when attempting to drag using the mouse.

For those of you that don’t know, an Input Method Editor (IME) is a software component that enables a user to write a text that cannot be easily achieved when you have a standard QWERTY keyboard.

As with the case above, this is typically due to the number of characters in the user’s written language, like with some Asian languages.

No word from Microsoft as to what users can do to bypass this problem, although using QWERTY-compatible languages might be a good workaround.

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The Patch Tuesday Updates are among the most important updates that you can ever apply to your PC, so making sure you install them correctly is important.

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What’s your take on this month’s cumulative updates? Let us know what you think Microsoft should do next by leaving us a message in the comments section below.

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