Latest Chromecast with Google TV update gives users ‘Advanced Video Controls’ and Wi-Fi improvements

The latest Chromecast with Google TV update will provide users greater control over playback and offer improvements to Wi-Fi, HDMI and Bluetooth issues.

The April upgrade for the streaming platform is headlined by what Google describes as ‘Advanced Video Controls’, which allows the watcher to tinker with HDR and colour settings. The new formats are available under ‘Display & Sound’, and are now also joined by resolution and refresh rate information.

Google has introduced some HDMI tweaks, too. Users now have the choice to have HDMI-CEC only turn on/off the television, while a bug fix can help Chromecast with Google TV detect the optimal display settings when connected via HDMI hotplug.

Bug fixes related to connectivity also feature in the new update. For those using the system over Wi-Fi, Google indicates that it has been enhanced to work more easily with 5Ghz and mesh networks. When receiving audio over Bluetooth, the update should also stabilise any stuttering.

The 166MB update should roll out to users over the coming days and weeks in different regions, though it can also be manually installed through the menus. To do so, simply click the profile in the top-right corner before heading to Settings > System > About > System Update.

Naturally, this follows the previous improvements to the Chromecast with Google TV platform, which arrived back in February. That improved support for 4K resolutions, Dolby Audio for Atmos and Digital Plus passthrough, and also reduced the chances of users having to go through the Android recovery screen.

It also represents the second big upgrade to the platform in as many days, after HDR10+ support for Chromecast with Google TV was also given the green light. So, although Google was a little late to the streaming platform party, consistent updates like these show it’s committed to keeping up with its rivals.

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