Leak hints at future Bose QuietComfort Ultra flagship headphones

A new leak claims to show the next flagship headphones from Bose.

Bose quiet comfort 25 headphones against a red background
Fans of Bose headphones could have some new flagship headphones to buy if a leak turns out to be on the money.

That leak claims to have outed the QuietComfort Ultra from Bose, a release that is said to be the upcoming “flagship ANC headphones from Bose.”

Unfortunately, that might be the only important thing that we know about the new headphones. The news comes courtesy of leaker Kuba Wojciechowski who is normally sharing information about upcoming Android devices. This time it’s all about headphones, but the leaker themselves admits that they “currently have very little information about the product.”

What we do know, from that at least, is that this is a product that appears to be very early in development. We can expect to hear more in time, hopefully, but we do know one more piece of information. The leak claims that the QuietComfort Ultra headphones have the codename Lone Starr, which doesn’t really mean all taht much to anyone outside of Bose. But still, the more you know!

The only other thing of note is that name, with Bose apparently hopping on the Ultra hypetrain. We already have the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra of course, while even Apple joined in with the Apple Watch Ultra in 2022. Those two products use the Ultra name to show that they are the pinacle of their respective lineups, so we can expect Bose to offer something special with these headphones to warrant that name.

We of course don’t know when we can expect these headphones to be announced, nor how much they will cost once they’re here. But we do know that anything with the Bose logo and the name Ultra is well worth keeping an eye open for.