List of High PR DoFollow Forums For Bloggers to Increase Backlinks [2019]

Building quality backlinks for any blog or website is very important to rank higher in search engines, especially Google. Backlinks prove to search engines that how much your website is popular in your niche. If you have more backlinks from the high PageRank [PR] site, your search engine ranking will be definitely high.


But, what actually is backlinking? If you want to increase your PageRank or higher your website traffic and optimize your blog for SEO, then you must link back your blog URL to top sites. Getting proper and relevant backlinks from the relevant niche domain authority is somewhat to work for SEO. And, there are two major types of backlinks — do-follow and no-follow. A do-follow link is a link that will pass on the SEO benefits of the website where it is built from to the hyperlinked site, thereby improving its ranking position. A no-follow link, on the other hand, is basically a link that does not pass on the SEO benefits of the source site to the blog where the link points to. In short, no-follow links do not have any SEO value, and they will not add up to the link profile that search engines use to evaluate when ranking websites. Search engine bots will crawl on this link, but they will not literally follow where it is pointed to.

There are plenty of ways to build do-follow backlinks and enhance your blog or website, for example, directory submission, blog commenting, etc. But ‘Forum posting’ is the most effective way to build backlinks. A Forum is an online discussion site where ideas and views on a particular issue can be exchanged. People can hold conversations in the form of posted messages.

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What are DoFollow Forums?

Forums or discussion platforms help us gain backlinks to our site which enhances our PageRank. But not all sites are backlink friendly. Many of the forums are nofollow that makes the backlinks non-crawlable by search engine spiders. But there are quite some sites that offer dofollow links. Here are few ‘dofollow’ forums that we have for you to increase your PageRank.


List of do-follow forums:

Here is a list of dofollow forums which have Google page rank.

  1. Admin Zone
  2. AffiliateFix Forum
  3. Antionline
  4. Audacity forum
  5. Business Advice Forum
  6. Cheftalk forum
  7. Chronicle Forum
  8. Ck Editor
  9. CNET Forum
  10. Coding Forum
  11. Comic Book Resources
  12. Community Center
  13. Delphi forum
  14. DeviantArt
  15. Digital Point Forum
  16. dnforum
  17. EarningeMoney
  18. File Sharing Talk
  19. FileZilla Forum
  20. Free Website Templates
  21. GardenWeb
  22. Geek Village Forum
  23. Gentoo
  24. Hostgator Forum
  25. HTML Forum
  26. IDPF
  27. Irish Webmaster Forum
  28. Joomla Forum
  29. Microsoft Forum
  30. Miui Android Forum
  31. MyGame Builder Forum
  32. Mysql Forum
  33. NamePros
  34. Ozzu
  35. Photoshop designs
  36. PhpBB Forum
  37. SEOChat forum
  38. SEO Forum
  39. SEO Panel
  40. Simple Machines Community
  41. Site Point Forum
  42. SiteOwners Forum
  43. Squarespace Answers
  44. Submit Express
  45. Textpattern Forum
  46. Ubuntu forum
  47. V7nForum
  48. Videolan
  49. Warrior forum
  50. Web Hosting Talk
  51. WebMaster World Forum
  52. What is my IP
  53. Windows Forum
  54. XDA developers forum
  55. Yourkit

Make sure that you stay active on these forums. As they have a huge user base, you can get backlinks and additional traffic to your website.

NOTE: If you find any of these sites as nofollow, then please report us.

How To Start?

  • First of all, go to any of the forums and create an account.


  • Register with your active Gmail/Hotmail/Yahoo account.


  • Go to your mailbox to verify and confirm the registration.


  • Read the rules well before making your first post.
  • Now, search your relevant topic threads and start a discussion.


  • Use your blog link as ‘signature’ to get traffic to your website. For adding any extra information, use post links.


  1. There are two types of links in forums; i.e., Signature links and Post links. When you enter your links in the Signature field which you’ll usually see in the ‘user control panel’ menu at the top, it is called as signature links. When you post links manually within the posts you write in threads, these are called as ‘Post links’.
  2. Each forum has their own rules laid out for allowing you to add forum signatures or website links to your forum profile. The main priority is you must be an established member & active participation is required to have a signature.
  • Some Forums disallow signature files “with links” until a forum member has done some ‘n’ number of posts.
  • Some Forums disallow signature files “with links” until a forum member has completed some ‘n’ number of days after registering with the forum.
  • Some Forums allow signatures “with links” only if other forum members like your posts.


  • Do not spam comment in forums. Follow the forum’s policies always. Share your backlink only if necessary and relevant to the content, or it can hurt your SEO.
  • Mostly, the posts you make on introduction thread will not be counted and so don’t waste time on those.

Share your favorite forum in the comments.