Logitech’s Litra Beam is a flexible and adjustable key light for creators

Logitech for Creators has revealed the latest addition in its line-up of products designed specifically for content creators, streamers and podcasters.

The Logitech Litra Beam is designed to help creators do more interesting things with lighting with a three-way adjustable desktop lighting solution.

This key light is intended to help you shape your content in different ways, with the ability to adjust the height, tilt and rotation of the light to suit your needs.

Logitech says you’ll be able to create new moods and tones for your content with this highly adjustable lighting tool. Use multiple Litra Beams and you can also take advantage of different pro-level lighting techniques including front, split, butterfly and Rembrandt illumination styles.

Litra Beam is essentially designed to be more than just a key lighting offering. It’s also intended to let you change the mood and expression of your content, no matter what you’re doing.

Along with positional adjustment, Litra Beam also has on-the-fly settings you can change with quick access to five brightness and colour temperature settings via hardware buttons on the light. The colour temperature can be tweaked from 2700K-6500K and you can tweak even more from Logitech’s G Hub software too.

Like the Logitech Litra Glow, Litra Beam also has TrueSoft technology. So you’ve got diffused lighting that not only eliminates harsh shadows but is also easier on your eyes if you’re streaming for hours. Logitech says it’s safe to use that way and has been certified to eye-friendly for all-day streaming.

Litra Beam comes with its own highly-adjustable stand and can be connected to your PC via either USB or Bluetooth. Meaning you can free up ports if you need to. Plenty of cool features to look forward to.

Litra Beam is available to buy now for £99, US$99.99 or €119.

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