Meta Quest 2 has had a performance boost

The Meta Quest 2 keeps getting better and better it seems.

Meta recently announced that it was allowing developers to take advantage of more GPU performance, pushing the Quest 2’s GPU frequency from 490 MHz to 525 Mhz.

This equates to seven per cent more power which in turn leads to a smoother experience and an improved frame rate for the end user.

Today we’re excited to announce that you have more GPU compute power to work with on Meta Quest 2 devices—7% to be exact. All developers can start taking advantage of the new 525 MHz GPU frequency (up from 490 MHz) for better app performance. Learn more ️

— Oculus Developers (@Oculus_Dev) December 21, 2022

Neel Bedekar, one of the engineers for Meta has taken to Twitter to explain that this will be a feature of V49 of the Meta Quest 2 software. This will require developers to design apps (or update current ones) to take advantage of the extra headroom. The update is intended to help with apps that don’t currently run well and need a more stable frame rate.

Those apps that already run well won’t need the extra performance power.

Interestingly users themselves can access the extra performance before the next software update by double pressing the power button. Which shows that it will be system-wide and should be a benefit to everyone in the long term.

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