Metadefender Chrome Extension: Scan files with 41 anti-malware before downloading


Metadefender for Chrome is a great browser extension that lets you scan your downloads and have a sense of secureness. You can scan a file before downloading and using it. The extension scans your downloads with the best anti-malware programs out there running upon Metadefender Cloud.

The service is absolutely free of cost but comes with few limitations. The maximum file size that can be scanned is 140 MBs and a maximum number of files that can be scanned in an hour is 25. Although the limits are there – but for an average user, these numbers seem to be absolutely fine.

Metadefender for Chrome


The extension is easy to install and setup and it can detect all kinds of malware, spyware, viruses and any other malicious packages from unknown sources.

How to Setup Metadefender Chrome Extension

  1. Download and install the extension from the Chrome web store.
  2. After installation, you will be redirected to a web page. Do not close that tab and let it load completely.
  3. Check out the API key and confirm the same by clicking on the Metadefender icon next to the address bar.

Once downloaded and installed, each and every download from now on will be scanned for vulnerabilities. You can disable Automatic scanning and in addition switch to the Manual mode as well. In the manual mode, you can right-click a download link and then select ‘Scan the file before downloading’. Manually scanned files are not automatically saved in the Downloads folder. You need to separately download them after scanning.

The extension puts your downloads through a lot of online anti-malware services. Some of them are ESET, F-Secure, Microsoft, McAfee, Sophos, QuickHeal, Symantec, and TrendMicro. There is a total of 41 anti-malware services scanning your downloads. And the result corresponding to each service is displayed along with it.

Other details like PE Info, Applications List, Network Connections, etc. are also displayed along with.

If a file is found vulnerable or malicious, its score is reported out of 41. That is how many of anti-malware services mark the file as malicious. Just for testing purpose, I tried downloading a testing virus and I was immediately warned by the program. The file was reported malicious by 39 out of 41 services.


The entire process of downloading, uploading and scanning increases the overall time required to download the file. But if you are a security freak, then this may seem completely normal and worth the time.

Metadefender Chrome Extension is a great extension to have installed on Google Chrome. It protects you from unknown sourced downloads which are the cause of many problems. Downloading unsafe files online is one of the major causes for virus related problems. This browser extension helps a lot in eliminating that cause by putting a secure sheet between you and your downloads.

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