Microsoft announces early preview of Phone Link for iPhone on Windows 11

Microsoft has announced an early preview of Phone Link for iOS on Windows 11. The preview is currently available for select Windows 11 Insiders enrolled in either of the three Insider Channels. The software giant has also said that it will increase the availability of the preview of Phone Link for iPhone to more Windows Insiders over time.

Phone Link for iPhone brings some of the benefits Android users with Windows 11 PC already enjoy. iPhone users can now make calls, send messages, and get access to their phone contacts right from their Windows 11 PC via the Phone Link app. And for all this to happen, your iPhone must be connected to your PC over Bluetooth.

Phone Link will also display the basic information, including the battery status of your iPhone. However, you will not be able to access iPhone apps on your PC via the Phone Link, which is where Android users with Windows 11 have an edge. But keeping aside this drawback, Phone Link for iOS is very much the same as Phone Link for Android.

Phone Link for iPhone
Image: Microsoft

To set up Phone Link for iPhone, you will need to download Phone Link version 1.23012.169.0 or higher from the Microsoft Store. If you are one of the lucky Insiders who got access to an early preview, you will see the option to pick your iPhone on the Phone Link homepage. After choosing the iPhone, you must pair your iPhone to your PC over Bluetooth by scanning a QR code on your screen. And finally, you will require to confirm the code in the Phone Link matches the code shown on your iPhone.

After completing the pairing process, you will need to grant a set of permissions to allow Microsoft to “get all your favorite content sync’d over to Phone Link.”

Source: Microsoft