Microsoft announces new features for Windows 11: Smarter VPN access, BLE support, more

Microsoft, at its Build 2023 annual conference, introduced Windows Copilot, making the operating system first of its kind to have centralised AI assistance. In addition to this, the company announced a host of new features for Windows 11, some of Microsoft has already started rolling out on personal computers across the globe.

“In February, we brought the new AI-powered Bing to the taskbar and other features to improve the way people get things done on their PCs. Today, we are providing a look at new features and enhancements for Windows 11 that will start to become starting May 24,” Microsoft wrote in a blog post.

So, here are all the new features coming to Windows 11…

More privacy settings

Microsoft announced that starting May 24, the company is rolling out a new app privacy setting to Windows 11 users that will give customers the ability to allow or block access to information from the presence sensor. It will also allow users to easily enable and disable presence sensing features like wake on approach/lock on leave.

Better VPN access

The company is also rolling out a new feature called ‘Glanceable VPN’ on the taskbar in Windows 11. This feature will allow users to easily find the VPN status with just a glance. “If your device is connected to a recognised VPN, a small shield icon will appear over the active network connection on your taskbar, keeping you focused and in your flow,” the company wrote.

As far as availability is concerned, Microsoft says that the Glanceable VPN feature will be available to Windows 11 user starting today and customers can turn VPN on or off via Quick Settings.

Account badging

Starting in June, Windows 11 users will get access to a feature called account badging. This feature will allow users to get an alert on their Start menu when their account needs attention, making it even easier to ensure that their information and PC are protected.

Live captions

Microsoft is also expanding language support for its Live Captions feature. The company says this feature will now expand to 10 additional languages spanning 21 regions. Here’s a detailed list: Chinese (Simplified, China), Chinese (Traditional, Hong Kong SAR, Taiwan), Danish, English (Australia, Canada, India, Ireland, New Zealand, United Kingdom, United States), French (Canada, France), German (Germany), Italian (Italy), Japanese, Korean, Portuguese (Brazil, Portugal), Spanish (Mexico, Spain)

Bluetooth Low Energy support

Lastly, the company announced that Bluetooth Low Energy Audio support for the PC ecosystem. The company said that in partnership with Samsung Galaxy and Intel, Bluetooth LE Audio will bring high-quality audio at low power, delivering better experiences for calls, videos, and music on compatible devices, including wireless ear buds such as the Galaxy Buds2 Pro. “We’re excited about this new feature and future possibilities as Bluetooth® LE Audio expands to more devices,” the company added.

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