Microsoft Edge Is Getting a New Dark Mode

Dark mode is getting even darker.

Microsoft Edge logo
Corbin Davenport / Microsoft

Microsoft Edge includes light and dark themes, as well as additional styles that change some of the colors and backgrounds in each mode. However, Microsoft is now updating Edge’s dark theme to an even darker design.

The current Microsoft Edge dark theme uses a black background for the tab bar area and window controls, with a dark gray background for the title bar, tabs, sidebar, and other elements. There’s a new design being tested in the Microsoft Edge Canary branch that switches the toolbar to a completely black background, with only the active tab and search bar standing out with a gray background.

The new look is closer to the “lights out” or AMOLED-style dark modes, where more of the application is completely black. Microsoft hasn’t officially announced this change, so we don’t have details about why the dark mode was updated. This is also still in the Canary channel, which means it might be changed again or dropped altogether before it rolls out to everyone in the Microsoft Edge stable release channel. Personally, I’m not a fan of completely dark themes like this new option, and the option to keep the older gray theme would be greatly appreciated.

You can try out the new design by installing Microsoft Edge Canary, then enabling the dark mode from Settings> Appearance> Dark. The change seems to be tied to the new Edge interface with rounded tabs, and without that new look enabled, you’ll still get the old dark theme. You can enable that by navigating to edge://flags, searching for “Make Rounded Tabs feature available”, set it to Enabled, allow Edge to restart, then enable the new design from Settings> Appearance> Try the new look and feel of Microsoft Edge.

This is far from the only feature in development for Microsoft Edge. There’s also the general design overhaul with rounded tabs, as previously mentioned, as well as a real-time tab sharing feature designed to improve collaborative work. There’s also all the new Bing Chat integrations, including a giant new Bing button that can thankfully be hidden.

Via: Bleeping Computer