Microsoft Edge’s New “Split Screen” Will Change the Way You Use Tabs

The Microsoft Edge logo in a pattern on a white background.

Reading two web pages on a single screen should be a simple task. Sure, you can open two browser windows, but only if you have a reasonably large screen and the patience to tidy everything up when you’re done. But what if I told you that things are about to get easier?

As discovered by Reddit user u/Leopeva64-2, Microsoft is working on a Split Screen feature for the Microsoft Edge browser. The idea behind this feature is very straightforward—it lets you view two tabs in a single browser window.

Once you place two tabs in Split Screen mode, they appear as a single tab in your browser’s toolbar. And interestingly enough, Edge allows you to run multiple Split Screen instances simultaneously. You can even pin or group these Split Screen tabs!

Opening the Split Screen view in Microsoft Edge
Press one of Edge’s many buttons to open Split Screen view.

Switching between Split Screen tab groups in Edge.
You can keep multiple Split Screen tabs in your tab bar! Next Slide

Compared to the old way of doing things, Edge’s new Split Screen feature is a serious upgrade. It’s straightforward, it should work well on a laptop screen, and it offers a unique multitasking experience.

Split Screen mode is currently available in Beta, Dev, and Canary builds of Microsoft Edge. To use the feature, install one of the aforementioned Edge builds (I suggest Canary) and type edge://flags in the address bar. Search for the “Microsoft Edge Split Screen” flag and enable it. A Split Screen icon should appear in your browser’s toolbar.

We expect Split Screen to officially roll out in the coming months. Note that this flag isn’t available on macOS Canary just yet.

Source: u/Leopeva64-2