Microsoft makes new Edge Share Menu official

We first posted about it 10 days ago, and now Microsoft has made the new Edge share sheet official.

Posting on the Edge Insider blog, Microsoft said previously sharing was often more complex and frustrating than it should be due to seemingly unnecessary steps and options.

The new menu is designed so simplify the process to the options people use most often.

Share to Outlook, Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, and more

With the new share menu, it’s easy to share links via your favourite services, from email to social networks. Best of all, you don’t need to install an app or set up anything for it to work. Simply select a service to open the site in a new tab, making it easy to quickly add some thoughts, tag a friend, or select a private group to share with. The initial list of supported services includes Outlook, Gmail, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp, and Microsoft says they will continue to add additional services in the coming weeks and months. To start sharing, open the Settings and More menu (…) and select Share.

edge share menu

If you want to share a link via an app on your computer or to a nearby device users simply need to select More sharing options to open the native share menu on Windows or macOS. You can also share to your default email client using the Default mail app button as well.

Share with yourself

Microsoft says they have also heard that sharing isn’t just for sending content to other people. Sometimes you just need to send something to yourself so you can refer back to it later. Email is a very common way of doing this.

To share with yourself, you can add one or more Outlook or Gmail accounts in the Email to myself section. Once you’ve selected a service and entered your email address, clicking on the account will instantly compose a new email and pre-populate your account in the To line—all you need to do is click send.

The new Share menu is currently rolling out to users in the Canary and Dev channels and can be activated soon via the Microsoft Edge share menu flag.

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