Microsoft offers workaround for unresponsive Start menu and apps in Windows 11

A five-month-old Windows bug finally has a workaround from Microsoft, but it may not be the outcome customers wanted.

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Microsoft regularly releases Windows builds catering to Insiders as well as customers on the stable release channels. Naturally, the relatively fast-paced frequency of release also means that bugs sometimes slip through the cracks and are later discovered and reported by end users. Back in January, Microsoft had updated its release health dashboard with an issue related to several components of Windows 10 and 11, such as Windows Search and Start menu becoming unresponsive. Fast-forward five months and the company has now updated the bug report to offer a mitigation.

This bug was reported by a significant number of Windows users recently, across both Windows 10 and Windows 11. A common denominator among those affected seemed to be that they were users of the ClickShare app developed by Barco. This is a very popular conferencing tool that is used by many organizations for online collaboration and its integration capabilities with Windows Calendar. At that time, Barco emphasized that the bug was caused by a recent update from Microsoft’s end and encouraged its customers to flag the problem directly to the Redmond tech giant. The developer noted that ClickShare does not modify Windows Registry values, it simply leverages the Outlook API for the One-Click-Join capability in Windows Calendar.

Five months later, Microsoft has finally updated the bug report, highlighting that it is not responsible for the issue and that it may be caused by faulty registry keys or an incorrect implementation of the Outlook API. It specifically mentioned ClickShare, noting that apps and Windows components becoming unresponsive is not something triggered by a Windows update.

The company’s mitigation involves simply uninstalling apps that integrate with Windows, Office, Outlook, and Calendar. Additionally, it has also recommended customers to go through its Start menu troubleshooting guidance and keep an eye out for Barco’s advisory. Microsoft’s update on the bug and its recommendations put ClickShare customers in a tricky position where neither Microsoft nor Barco is ready to take ownership of the problem at hand. That said, it remains to be seen if the latter will attempt to issue an app update to resolve the problem or offer a workaround for its customers that does not involve disabling Calendar integration.