Mophie Powerstation Go Can Jumpstart Your Car, Charge Your iPhone Wirelessly, And Power a MacBook

Powerstation Go by Mophie announced at CES 2020

Mophie’s brand new Powerstation Go ‘power bank’ is powerful enough to jumpstart your car and charge everything else too. It can even charge your iPhone wirelessly.

Powerstation Go Features 2 USB-A Ports, 1 AC Outlet, Qi Wireless Charging and Can Jumpstart Your Car / SUV

Power banks, and jump-starters more specifically, come in all shapes and sizes, and we’ve said it before multiple times. But Mophie is looking to innovate hard in this arena with the announcement of its brand new Powerstation Go.

The accessory packs in a whopping 44,400mWh battery that can jumpstart an SUV multiple times. You get the jumpstart cables with the Powerstation Go so you don’t have to go out to buy your own.

Then there are the dual 2.4A USB ports that allow you to charge any USB device you may have. This includes an iPhone, iPad, Android device, an action camera or maybe just your vape. Furthermore, you even get a powerful LED flashlight built into the Powerstation Go, allowing you to see in the dark.

If you want to charge an iPhone or even an Android device wirelessly, Mophie went ahead and shoved in a Qi wireless charger in the package too. It’s not fast, as it is capped at 5W. But it will get the job done.

Last but not the least, is the 115V AC power outlet that is built into the Powerstation Go. It can pump out 65W of power, which is enough to power up a MacBook with utmost ease. Of course, you are not limited to powering up a laptop. You can totally use it to run a fan or a mini fridge that is under 65W.

The design of the Powerstation Go is small enough to fit in a glove compartment which is super handy.

According to Mophie, you should be able to pick up the accessory for a cool price of just $159.95. Yes, that is a bit on the high side, but given how much it offers, it’s somewhat justified. The product will go on sale January 9th and will ship in multiple colors including Black, Blue, Rose Gold, Purple, Woodland and Gold.

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