MSI’s Newest Tiny PC Has up to an Intel Core i7

MSI compact PC in black and white colors

There’s no shortage of small PCs, with options made for compact gaming setups, office workplaces, and everything in between. MSI has now introduced another option aimed at productivity work.

MSI has announced the PRO DP10 13M. As you might be able to guess by the unnecessarily complicated name, it’s a computer that’s meant for business, but there’s more to it. For starters, the chassis is just 1.1 liters, ensuring whatever task you want to do on your PC, it can fit into the tiniest spaces you can imagine. It’s roughly the size of a small book.

Despite its tiny size, though, it’s a powerhouse. It’s powered by Intel’s 13th gen Core processors and it can be outfitted with up to a Core i7-1360P — it uses laptop-grade chips, but the best ones out there. It also has two SODIMM DDR4 RAM slots that can be filled up with up to 64GB of memory. And it supports a range of features including Thunderbolt 4, Wi-Fi 6E, and Bluetooth 5.3, ensuring all connectivity, whether wired or not, is as blazing fast as possible.

Unfortunately, the new computer doesn’t seem to be available for purchase anywhere just yet. Keep an eye out at your retailer of choice if you’re interested in buying one of these.

Source: MSI News, MSI Product Page