New Plugable Adapter Lets You Use 4 Monitors With M1 Mac

A MacBook Pro connected to four external monitors through the Plugable Quad Graphics Adapter

The latest Plugable accessory breaks past one of your Mac’s greatest limitations—external monitor support. While most M1 and M2 Macs only work with a single external screen, Plugable’s Quad graphics adapter (USBC-768H4) lets you use up to four monitors with a 1080p resolution, all through a single USB port.

Previously, you had to use DisplayLink accessories to break past Apple Silicon’s odd external monitor limitations. And at $120, Plugable’s new adapter is much more affordable than the average four-output DisplayLink hub or dongle. (That said, most four-output DisplayLink accessories double as a USB hub.)

A front and back view of the Plugable Quad Adapter

The Plugable Quad adapter is pretty compact, and it connects to your Mac via USB-C cable (though it also includes a USB-A adapter for PCs). Setup is easy; simply install InstantView and you’re good to go. You can also customize how InstantView works from your Menu bar.

Note that all external displays connected to your Mac through the Plugable Quad adapter will appear in your Display Settings—they’re properly recognized as external displays, and they can be managed as such. (This is also how things work when you use DisplayLink.)

Again, the Plugable Quad adapter is available today for $120. It’s one of many products that you can use to get around the M1 or M2’s awkward display limitations, and I imagine that it will be popular with professionals.


Plugable 4 HDMI Multi Monitor Adapter, USB 3.0 or USB C to HDMI Adapter, Compatible with Windows and Mac, Quad Adapter Supports 1920×1080@60Hz

Connect up to four external monitors to your M1 or M2 Mac, despite Apple’s weird limitations.

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