New Twitter feature to give you control over who can reply to you

Those who partake in an online debate now and then know how exhausting it can be; not to mention time-consuming and frustrating. In recent news, Twitter will be introducing a new feature which lets you choose exactly who can reply to you- because sometimes, you’re just not in the mood to argue.

As it currently stands, the only way to avoid unsolicited opinions is to make your account private. In the near future, users with a public account will be able to limit who’s able to reply to them.

While before, the only option was the “Global” reply, which let anybody respond; you will soon be able to limit this to “Group”, “Panel”, or “Statement”.

“Group” replies are limited to those you follow and mention, whereas “Panel” replies narrow it down to those included in the conversation. Finally, if you choose “Statement”, you can have peace of mind that you won’t receive any nasty replies at all.

While it’s ideal for users to be able to customise their posts as much as possible, the feature can be misused- like to spread misinformation without criticism, for example. What do our readers think about the change?

Source: Engadget