Next year’s Apple Watch Ultra could switch to a Micro-LED display

The Apple Watch Ultra might get its big display upgrade in 2024, with a new report claiming that Apple will switch to using a Micro-LED technology.

The latest Apple news comes via analyst Jeff Pu, writing in a research note for Haitong International Securities. According to Pu, the 2024 Apple Watch Ultra will not only get a new type of display technology but will also sport a larger display than the one that ships on the current model, too.

Those who own the Apple Watch Ultra today have a 1.92-inch display inside that large 49mm case. It’s an OLED part, offering support for an always-on display and variable refresh rate. But Pu believes that the 2024 Apple Watch Ultra will see the screen size boosted to 2.1 inches, while the technology will make the move to Micro-LED at the same time.

The move to Micro-LED technology for the Apple Watch Ultra’s display would likely allow for increased brightness when compared to current Apple Watch models, something that is always of benefit in a wearable device that is designed to be used outdoors.

With all of this rumored to be happening in 2024, it isn’t clear what Apple has in store for the 2023 Apple Watch. In fact, it isn’t clear whether Apple intends to refresh the Apple Watch Ultra annually, as it does other Apple Watch models. The first Apple Watch Ultra was only announced in September of 2022, leaving us with no prior history from which to work.

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