Nintendo 64 Classic: Is An Updated N64 Console Coming Soon?

Retro consoles are a popular option for video game companies right now, especially after Nintendo’s recent NES Classic and Super NES Classic reboots. But could Nintendo be dipping back into the well for a third time for a Nintendo 64 Classic?

In Europe’s Intellectual Property Office, Nintendo recently filed for four trademark applications on controller design icons. Three of the icons are for the Nintendo Switch, original Nintendo and Super Nintendo controllers, but as NeoGAF pointed out, a fourth application is for the Nintendo 64 controller.

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While the icons themselves might not seen notable, analysts are interested because of where they’re often applied. More importantly, these icons have previously been used as branding on recent Nintendo console packing. As Polygon noted, the Nintendo and Super Nintendo icons in the applications can be found with the same design on the NES Classic and upcoming SNES Classic.

As with typical applications, the standard caveats still apply: patent applications and trademarks aren’t necessarily signs of future products and companies often file them preemptively. But considering the smash success of the NES Classic last holiday season and hype around the upcoming Super Nintendo Classic, it’s not a stretch to imagine that Nintendo could be considering a Nintendo 64 Classic.

Originally released in 1996, the console was the first to take full advantage of 3D gaming and featured landmark games including Super Mario 64 and The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina of Time . Since its retirement, Nintendo 64 games have still been featured on Nintendo’s Virtual Console platform, although the Virtual Console has yet to make it to the Nintendo Switch.

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At the moment, Nintendo’s upcoming reboot console calendar appears to be full. Nintendo had a smash hit on its hands last holiday season with the compact NES Classic. For only $59.99, the NES Classic came with 30 original Nintendo games, including Tecmo Bowl and Super Mario Bros . But thanks to low supply numbers, the console remained next to impossible to find during the holiday season and fans were dismayed when Nintendo announced that it’d be discontinued earlier this year.

Nintendo is hoping for a smoother rollout this upcoming holiday season with the SNES Classic. As with its predecessor, the console will be priced at $79.99 and feature its share of classic SNES games like The Legend of Zelda: A Link To The Past .

Unlike the NES Classic, Nintendo has promised that the console will be produced in larger amounts and made clear that it will be a short-term limited release. The SNES Classic will also release Sept. 29.