Nvidia Shield TV update includes enhanced 4K upscaling and more

Nvidia has released a system software update for its Shield TV devices that adds more than a few fixes.

The Shield Software Experience Upgrade 8.2 adds enhancements to the AI upscaling tech unique to Shield TV, plus the menu button on the remote can be customised to accept a variety of press commands for different actions.

The AI Upscaler was introduced with the 2019 Shield TV and Shield TV Pro. It effectively worked with some streaming apps to upscale 1080p footage to 4K, with some intelligent frame-by-frame edge enhancement and more.

Now it’s been improved and is capable of upscaling footage from 360p through to 1440p. And now supports 60fps on the Shield TV Pro. That means you can upscale HD YouTube sports coverage, for example, up to 4K 60fps.

From September, the Nvidia Games app will also be capable of upscaling GeForce Now cloud gaming streams to 4K 60fps.

Changes to the remote include improvements to IR and CEC volume control, with the former now able to change the input source on TVs, AV receivers and soundbars.

The aforementions menu button can now be assigned different functions that can be activated through a double tap or long press, so you can have three options on the same button.

The rest of the tweaks and changes in the Shield Software Experience Upgrade 8.2 can be found in the release notes which will be available on the Nvidia website soon.

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